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collab with  @courtneyveronica

collab with @courtneyveronica


Content creation, simplified. Get influencers posting about your brand and high quality creative deliverables with ease. Real content, real exposure, right from your community to your hands. Social Society is your new marketing team, connecting content creators and local socialites with your brand.

Our influencer network is different. Rather than making you scan through pages upon pages of questionably-fit influencers, we match your brand with hand-picked local influencers aligned with your niche and goals. Once you’re an official Social Society Member, simply submit your campaign, and we will send you a list of candidates to work with.

Your influencer searching and pitching days are over. Manage conversations, receive content, streamline content approval, and pay creators all on our website.

All content produced by SOCIAL CURATOR Creators is brand-owned, so you can repurpose content across all digital channels.


You’ll get direct access to unlimited brand collabs when you join our influencer community. Collaborate with Brands for exposure right in your community. Shape relationships, earn money, and help build your audience. Become a part of the Social Society and be rewarded for producing the stunning content you’re already creating anyways.

At this point in time anyone can join, but we only accept only those who have quality content and engaged audiences for campaigns.

collab with  @coastalcobox

collab with @coastalcobox

image by  @colelocurto

image by @colelocurto


Photographers and videographers , semi-professional and professional — now’s you chance to build or grow your portfolio. Become a member and apply for campaigns, create your mood, follow specific specs, make your edits and deliver you inspiring content to brands.